Portable basketball goals present dangers

Blustery fall has arrived with the winds whipping down the streets and along with the errant papers, basketball goals being blown about; at least those portable ones that are really meant to be taken down and sent back to the garage every day! In fact, my neighbors have one that they purchased for their three boys and, just like most all others, it stays outside all the time.

They found that it moved around a great deal in play and as the boys got bigger – and rougher – they got stakes and bungee cords to secure it to the ground. It still moved some when the pole was run into or a hand made it to hang on the rim.

But to show you how dangerous it could be, on a particularly blustery day this week, the entire pole, basketball hoop and backboard fell to the ground. The stakes were pulled loose and bungee cords stretched to the limit – AND – the kids weren’t even there – it was all wind.

Yes, the wind was strong, but as the kids get bigger and bigger, the stresses they put on the portable goal system could be greater than the wind and that could result in damage to property around the basketball goal or worse, injury to the kids or their friends.

That is one of the reasons you find that the Basketball Goal Store sells Goalrilla Basketball Goals. They are the premium, in-ground basketball goal. Being installed in the ground with our special anchoring system and being constructed with a one-piece pole make the Goalrilla Basketball Goal safe – and every parent likes that kind of peace of mind.

It’s getting to be holiday time and every kid would love to have a basketball goal (huge package) under the tree. Really consider the overall cost and safety with those portable basketball goals. Having to replace them through the years means you’re going to be spending money over and over. But worrying that someone could get hurt – well that could be a greater cost.

With the great prices offered at the Basketball Goal Store, this holiday could be the one when everyone gets what they want – a great buy on great equipment and no worries about the safety of their children using it!!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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