Spot-Up Shooting basketball drill promotes endurance on the court

One of the best things about having that Goalrilla Basketball Goal backyard court is that when you really work hard at practice drills and are really tired, all you have to do is walk indoors. You don’t have to collect up your gear, walk to the car, drive home and lug everything into the house.  

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One of the drills that can really wear the players out is the Spot-Up Shooting Drill. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t take long, but requires at least 50 shots and a lot of moving – at game-like intensity. The number of shots per repetition is modified for beginners and intermediate players, but this version is for the advanced player.

Besides improving shots, one of the main goals is to simulate 4th quarter play when you are tired and have to find that little something more to continue and make good shots.

For this drill, you will need a rebounder – someone who will collect your shots and pass the ball to you for the next shot. Trading off afterwards give you both practice.

For an advanced player, between 10 and 20 shots should be taken from one spot on the baseline, with a sprint to the sideline between each shot. After the 10 – 20 shots, the player then executes 10 free throws. That is one set. Each player should complete three to five sets from different spots on the court. It is good to include each side of the court.

The Drill:

  1. The player catches the ball, steps into shooting position and shoots at the basket.    
  2. The player sprints to the sideline, touching the ground or wall and then returns, sprinting, to the shooting location.
  3. The rebounder retrieves the ball and holds it until the player completes the sprint to the sideline and returns to the spot from where he is shooting. 

The player should focus on calling for the ball during the drill.

This drill is to simulate 4th quarter play where you are tired and have to call up that last little bit of strength. Even though you are tired, get your legs into the shot and continue the sprint. If you practice as if you were playing you would build endurance to make it through the whole game. So use this drill to improve fundamental skills and jump shots, but also for endurance training – ’cause if you can’t make it through the game, being the best shooter on the team just won’t matter!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team  


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