Watch WNBA games and then get out on your own backyard basketball court

One thing women are known for is persistence – you know,  the old “nag, nag, nag.” But for basketball lovers, the persistence of the WNBA shines through the gloom brought on by the men’s NBA league. You see, not only are the women not embroiled in labor disputes, the women play through the summer!

The Minnesota Lynx (who even took time out to walk the catwalk at the Mall of America’s third annual “Catwalk for a Cure” event) are ranked No. 1 with their current 16-5 record, including a 9-game win streak. The Indiana Fever (Yay! Indiana!) team is ranked No. 2 with a slightly less stellar 16-7 record. Their defense is rated second best in the league.

Women’s sports has always gotten a boost when the men’s teams failed to make the call and this year could see the same situation come about if the NBA player lockout continues and the contract negotiations aren’t settled. Already, many of the players are looking to play in Europe and beyond so who knows what the final consequences will be.

The fans are the ones in game withdrawal – and while the ladies fill the TV game-watching shoes, the backyard and driveway courts supply their own excitement. Maybe fans are better off getting in the game instead of watching others play the game!

What are some of the reasons we hear from Basketball Goal Store customers who are looking to build a home basketball court?

  • To get more exercise,
  • To increase quality family time, and
  • They have a child who is really committed to the game.

Installing a Goalrilla Basketball Goal system is easy with some friends and a few hours of time, and with the unique anchoring system, it can even go with you if you decide to move! A Goalrilla Goal can definitely be the one and only basketball goal you will ever need to purchase!

Check out the WNBA games to feed your basketball craving and then get the whole family out dribbling and shooting. You may just find a new favorite family activity!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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