The basketball court is the place to work off pent-up energy

School is getting back into session and after sitting and thinking hard all day long, it’s time for the kids to get out and move!

Having a backyard basketball court with a Goalrilla Basketball Goal System makes it easy to let them re-energize. The Basketball Goal Store is the largest online retailer of the premium in-ground Goalrilla Basketball Goals and has all the information and assistance needed to create a basketball court at your home for your family.

Drills are a great way to focus attention on one skill and routine that allows the player to really concentrate – it’s sort of like an athletic meditation – getting in the “zone.”

The One-Minute Shooting Challenges are great for that – focusing on a repetitive movement and concentrating on making the baskets. Playing with game-like intensity clears the mind and relaxes the brain. (Which means they’re ready to purposefully study later …)

If you have beginning players, work on the One-Minute Mid-range Shooting Challenge. In addition to that, intermediate and advanced players can work on perimeter shooting challenges and now, on a One-Minute Three Point Shooting Challenge. 

The challenge

  1. The player starts with the basketball under the basket. Set the clock to 1 minute.
  2. The player will run, following the toss of the ball, catch it and execute a proper catch and pivot move, step into their shooting rhythm and execute a three point jump shot by shooting the ball into the basket.
  3. The player retrieves the ball and returns to the original position.
  4. The player repeats this process until he has made 2 shots from the three point range corner position.
  5. Once he has made the 2 three point corner jump shots, he will move to the wing position to execute 2 three point wing shots. Completing that, he will make 2 shots from a three point position directly in front of the basket (from the top of the key).
  6. Then the player switches sides and runs the complete drill again from the opposite side.
  7. Once he has made the last basket, he sprints to the free throw line and executes a free three.
  8. After the free throw is made successfully, the player retrieves the basketball, sprints to either free throw elbow line with the basketball while performing a speed dribble, then pivots and finishes the drill with a layup or dunk.

The goal is to complete the entire drill in one minute. However, as with most skills, growth can be measured in improvements either by completing more of the drill in one minute, or letting the clock run through completion of the drill and continually working to reduce that time.

Keeping the pace at a game-like intensity level will go a long way to execution under the pressure of a game and to increase endurance as well.

Improving basketball skills, concentration skills and releasing the pent-up energy all in one step is a great thing on the basketball court and at home!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team


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