A home basketball court can get families on a healthy path

By now everyone has heard all the recent reports and statistics about health and obesity levels for all ages and genders in the United States.

Getting more exercise is one of the reasons some families reach out to us here at the Basketball Goal Store. Parents want a home basketball court where they, and their children, have a place to play their way to better health. And with the great volume-buying prices and overstock deals, the Basketball Goal Store is the place to find a premium in-ground Goalrilla Goal.

Gym memberships are great – but it’s more than just the hour (or however long you devote) you spend on the machines or in the Zumba class. There’s the getting-everything-ready time, the travel time, the shower time and the unpacking-the-gym-bag time. All in all – that one-hour exercise period turns into three – or more!

And that, my friends, is the reason so many good intentions are dropped by the wayside – or at least that’s the excuse some people give.

But with a Goalrilla Goal and home basketball court right outside your door, that one-hour can be one-hour (or maybe a little more if you shower). Family members of every age can play basketball on the court with a Goalrilla Goal Basketball system because the goal is adjustable in heights from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. And, players can practice solo or with a couple friends or a group in a pick-up game.

Even the athletes have weight issues these days. Eddy Curry is on the verge of losing even the opportunity to tryout with the Miami Heat because of his weight issues. He lost 20 pounds, but has more to go. There are rumors that he’d be welcomed into tryouts if he lost 40 pounds …

Of course, it takes more than just exercise to lose weight and get healthy. Parents know that, which is why they are trying to not only get healthier themselves, but be good role models and examples for their kids in doing so. Cooking more meals at home, eliminating junk food high in calories, fat and salt and getting more exercise.

It’s a tremendous effort to accomplish and that’s why a home basketball may be just the right thing to help families stick with it. Not to mention that it’s something the whole family can do together. Get healthier – get closer – sounds like a recipe for greater happiness in your home!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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