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We hear a lot in the media about childhood obesity and we all understand the importance of watching our kids’ diets and controlling their junk food intake. (Sometimes that is easier said than done, isn’t it?) But we don’t frequently hear about the fact that physical activity isn’t valuable just to avoid excessive weight gain. Physical activity is directly related to the overall development of your child. Beginning around age two, when your child has mastered crawling and climbing and folding her hand around a favorite doll or grasping a spoon for meal time, she is beginning to develop muscles.… Read more »

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By now everyone has heard all the recent reports and statistics about health and obesity levels for all ages and genders in the United States. Getting more exercise is one of the reasons some families reach out to us here at the Basketball Goal Store. Parents want a home basketball court where they, and their children, have a place to play their way to better health. And with the great volume-buying prices and overstock deals, the Basketball Goal Store is the place to find a premium in-ground Goalrilla Goal. Gym memberships are great – but it’s more than just the… Read more »

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