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Everyone knows exercise for all people of all ages is very important for physical, emotional and mental health. When we focus specifically on female athletes, we see that regular physical activity is important because it: helps build and maintain bone strength, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, decreases the development of depression and anxiety, avoids unhealthy weight gain and helps to build lean muscle. These are all positives, of course. But when strenuous exercise– especially the type of strenuous exercise associated with professional female athletes- is combined with poor diet, serious health issues may develop: A female athlete’s menstrual cycle may… Read more »

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We hear a lot in the media about childhood obesity and we all understand the importance of watching our kids’ diets and controlling their junk food intake. (Sometimes that is easier said than done, isn’t it?) But we don’t frequently hear about the fact that physical activity isn’t valuable just to avoid excessive weight gain. Physical activity is directly related to the overall development of your child. Beginning around age two, when your child has mastered crawling and climbing and folding her hand around a favorite doll or grasping a spoon for meal time, she is beginning to develop muscles.… Read more »

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