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Participating in any fast-paced, high contact sport can result in physical injury. So it’s no surprise really, that nearly two million basketball-related injuries occur each year. The most prevalent injuries include ankle sprains, facial cuts and bruises, stress fractures to the foot and lower leg, knee injuries and jammed fingers. We want you to always enjoy your time under and around the hoop and all the times you dribble and dodge your way across the court and back. But at the same time, we are interested in Goalrilla Basketball Goal fans’ safety. So here are a few tips for how… Read more »

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Everyone knows exercise for all people of all ages is very important for physical, emotional and mental health. When we focus specifically on female athletes, we see that regular physical activity is important because it: helps build and maintain bone strength, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, decreases the development of depression and anxiety, avoids unhealthy weight gain and helps to build lean muscle. These are all positives, of course. But when strenuous exercise– especially the type of strenuous exercise associated with professional female athletes- is combined with poor diet, serious health issues may develop: A female athlete’s menstrual cycle may… Read more »

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