Communication skills on and off the basketball court

“How should I know? You didn’t tell me!”

If you have children, a spouse, or any people around you, you know how effective communication gets things done or greases the wheel to get along!!

Without communication, people assume that someone else will do something and then no one does it. Like when parents don’t communicate and no one goes to pick up Johnny from practice. It happens when the garden doesn’t get watered or the car isn’t gassed up.

The same is true on the basketball court.

It’s just another way the game of basketball can be a place to teach life skills: getting along, being part of a team – and how to communicate for the good of the group.

When defensive players don’t communicate, the offense gets an advantage and that can result in an opening – and a basket and a score – and for the defenders – a loss.

For a defensive player engaged in a straight up man-to-man, on-the-ball containment, communication between teammates is vitally important. The more communication between players means they have more time to react and be the first to a spot on the court.

Simply by telling each other where they are or where the ball is can be the trigger telling teammates where to go or what to do.

Communication is not just verbal; it can be pointing a finger to indicate direction or the nod of a head to indicate an intention. Communication is whatever players develop between them to help each other achieve their purpose together – as a team.

Starting early with kids to teach them to communicate with each other on the basketball floor sets a pattern and develops a habit that can serve them well in their athletic career – and life.

A home basketball court is a great place for parents to teach these skills to their children. Here at the Basketball Goal Store we hear how having a Goalrilla Goal Basketball system and using it with their kids has had a positive impact on the family.

There’s no issue with the gym being open or organizing logistics of family member’s schedules. You pick up the ball and play with your kids one-on-one as the moment presents itself or as a group when more of the family is home. Talk about teachable moments – that’s what parents want and having a Goalrilla Goal home basketball system gives it to you!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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