Getting the Basketball Through the Hoop Under Pressure – Prepare With the One Minute Mid-range Shooting Challenge

In the heat of a game the adrenalin and concentration is intense – so are the nerves – especially when it comes to shooting and making baskets and points! Many great players have said that there are times when the body just knows what to do and does it. But to get to that point, well, you know the p-word – practice.

You do the One Minute Mid-Range Shooting Challenge with the intensity of game play, so the pressure is there – it’s just that the consequences aren’t as dire – except to your own standards (which may be just as high in practice as in the performance during a game!).

Unlike the Perimeter Shooting Challenge, this challenge drill focuses only on mid-range shots. Be sure to apply the basic shooting fundamentals – that will improve your time. Now, go hit your Goalrilla Basketball Goal home court to give the drill a try and see what a difference it makes in your game – and your confidence!

The challenge

1.       The player starts with the basketball under the basket. Set the clock to 1 minute.

2.       The player will run, following the toss of the ball, catch it and execute a proper catch and pivot move, step into their shooting rhythm and execute a mid-range jump shot by shooting the ball into the basket.

3.       The player retrieves the ball and returns to the original position.

The player repeats this process until he has made 2 shots from the mid-range corner position.

Once he has made the 2 mid-range corner jump shots, he will move to the wing position to execute 2 mid-range wing shots.

Then the player switches sides and runs the complete drill again from the opposite side.

4.       Once he has made the last basket, he sprints to the free throw line and executes a free throw.

5.       After the free throw is made successfully, the player retrieves the basketball, sprints to either free throw elbow line with the basketball while performing a speed dribble, then pivots and finishes the drill with a layup or dunk.

Drills are practice with a specific purpose

The goal is to complete all 10 shots in the entire drill within 1 minute. You must remain under control with each shot; maintained by being relaxed and landing safely.

You’ll find more success if you focus on form and shot fundamentals than the time passing.

It’s not easy, so work to shave off time in each attempt at “beating the clock.”

Here at the Basketball Goal Store, we hear a lot about how specific drills really make a difference for players in games. Different drills are most valuable to different players – everyone has their favorite – and the ones that really made a difference.

We’d like to know what drills are important to you. Let us know.

If you want to learn more about Goalrilla Basketball Goal systems for your home, call us at (800) 689-0281and we’ll let you know what we can do to help!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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