Basketball is Popular – Bring It To Your House

It’s really hard to comprehend the number 11.109 million. Imagine that many marbles – or hot dogs! No matter how you look at it – that’s a big number!

It’s a number that set a record – it’s the number of people who watched the Eastern conference finals game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat on May 15. (It beat out the record 10.829 million viewers who watched Michael Jordan’s last NBA All-Star Game in 2003.)

The point is, basketball is popular – there’s no denying that and if you want a sport that will keep you in shape and provide a competitive outlet, it’s the game for you – AND for your whole family.

The youngest can play with balls and basketball goals (lead by the Goalrilla Basketball Goal) that adjust to their size. The oldsters have their own leagues and play well into their golden years.

Bring basketball to your home

Be ready for the time when your kids get the “basketball bug” and want to try out for a team. You can do that by providing them with a home court to develop the skills they’ll need to not be disappointed at the tryouts.

And having them at home, you can teach them proper form and keep an eye on the execution of the fundamentals.

Home courts are the reason why the Basketball Goal Store offers the Goalrilla Goal Basketball system. It’s the premier in-ground basketball goal for home use.

The benefits of a Goalrilla Goal are many:

  • The one-piece pole means it will not corrode and bend or break
  • The welded support arms provide strength and durability above bent metal arms
  • Flex-breakaway rims prevent backboard breakage
  • Unique anchoring system that allows you to take it with you if you move
  • It’s easy to install with complete instructions and help online or by phone

Not only does the Basketball Goal Store offer the premium Goalrilla Goals, they keep a large inventory in stock so your order will be on its way to you right away. You could be playing on your own home court with your family sooner than you think – and at a price you might never have thought you’d find for such a great product!

Interested? Thought you might be – call us at (800) 689-0281 to find out more.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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