Teach your kids to be positive and strong leaders on your Goalrilla Basketball Goal home court

Maybe the general public thinks that NBA players get their wallets out for charity because they are working on their image and hoping for a chunk of a tax write-off. That assumption could not be more wrong about David Maurice Robinson, retired Center for the San Antonio Spurs.

Born in Key West, Florida, Robinson was the son of a Navy man. So the family moved frequently. By the time he was in middle school, Robinson was edging toward six feet. Surprisingly, he tried but quit the game of basketball and didn’t pick it up again until after high school, when he enrolled to study mathematics at the US Naval Academy. By then, Robinson had grown to 6 ft., 7 inches. He took to the basketball court to play for the Navy. In his spare time, he was also known as a pretty amazing chess player.

Robinson created an incredible career with the Spurs. But this guy has also left a lot more of a message on the world far past the basketball court.

In 1991, Robinson visited a random group of fifth grade students at a San Antonio elementary school. He challenged all of the kids to complete their high school educations and go to college. He promised $2000 scholarships to each of those who accomplished that goal. In 1998, Robinson made good on the challenge and better on the promise. He awarded $8000 instead of $2000 to each of the students who accomplished the goal.

Robinson didn’t stop there.

In 2001, he and his wife Valarie Robinson founded a private school for culturally diverse and socioeconomically challenged children. He and his wife named the San Antonio-based school The Carver Academy, after George Washington Carver. To date, the couple has donated $11 million to the school, which focuses on basic subjects, three languages and music.

In addition to his accomplishments in basketball, Robinson is the kind of guy who leaves much more of his good fortune outside the basketball court.

So many coaches have been recognized for saying that their coaching basketball is more than just leading a bunch of athletes – it is helping them to become great people as well as great players. Players like Robinson exemplify what they mean.

The basketball court, whether it is a Goalrilla Basketball Goal home court or in some school gym across the nation is the place to learn how to treat people and become leaders to make the world a better place.

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