Boomers keep limber and active on the basketball court

Much to our chagrin, some of our favorite athletic activities of youth- such as track and field or a lively game of football or a rowdy round of racquetball- may sometimes have to be retired once we reach certain life phases.

Like it or not, no matter how health conscious we might be, aging eventually brings on some physical challenges. After 50, lots of adults begin to cope with body changes such as osteoporosis and arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. Certainly, we have to pay attention to diet and weight control and not over-exerting ourselves. We are well aware that sprains and broken bones just might happen much more frequently as we age, especially if we push ourselves too much on a physical level.

With that said, it’s important to point out that today’s Boomers remain very health conscious. They don’t want to be referred to as senior citizens. And you won’t find them hanging around the bingo hall, either. They are committed to living vibrant happy lives filled with travel and an active schedule.

Between now and the year 2024, four million people in the United States will celebrate their 50- year birthdays each year. Amazing information, huh?

Maybe you can’t jump hurdles anymore if you are over 50 but rest assured that one blast from your athletic past can always be tailored to fit individual abilities. The age-friendly pastime is a friendly game of basketball. That’s why more and more health clubs and park and recreation centers are helping active people over 50 to gather on the court through tournaments and weekly games.

Just so you know, the basketball-crazy people at the Basketball Goal Store don’t believe you can ever be too old to install a Goalrilla Basketball Goal in your own home court or the driveway. Okay, you might have to share it with the grandkids. But don’t forget to lace up the old sneakers and challenge the neighbors to a Sunday afternoon game. Basketball is a game for every age. No one ever gets too old to enjoy a perfect free throw!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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