Improve your basketball shooting with Perimeter Shooting Fundamentals, Part 2 – Cocked and Flexed Shooting Position

Fundamentals – fundamentals – fundamentals.

You’re probably tired of hearing it, but it’s true:

Improve form and technique with good fundamentals and your game will improve. You’ll make more baskets and be a basketball scorer rather than just a shooter. (There is a difference, you know.) It’s precise skill that turns shooting into points.

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Fundamentals of Shooting: Part 2 (Perimeter)

There are three phases of shooting:

  1. The Shot Prep Position
  2. The Cocked and Flexed Shooting Position
  3. The Release Shooting Position

Each phase of shooting requires the proper technique including the position of key body components:

  • Footwork
  • Lower body
  • Upper body
  • Head
  • Arm
  • Hand

Part 2 – The Cocked and Flexed Shooting Position

Let’s move to the next phase:


  • Bring the shooting foot up and slightly forward of the pivot foot (as you receive the basketball)
  • Keep pivot foot directly centered on the basket
  • The feet are wider than hip width apart
  • Rise up on the balls of both feet as you swing into the shooting motion (known as stepping into the shot)

Lower Body Position

  • Knees go into a bent and flexed position
  • Lower body remains square to the basket

Upper Body Position

  • Lean slightly forward
  • shoulders are square to the basket

Head and Eyes Position

  • Head is up, facing forward
  • Eyes are focused on the front rim of the basket

Arm Position

  • The upper portion of the shooting arm swing parallel with the floor
  • The shooting elbow points toward the rim
  • The shooting forearm is perpendicular to the floor and straight to the basket

Hand Position

  • The fingers are spread
  • The ball rests on the pads and fingertips of both hands (No palms!!)
  • The valve stem is centered between the index finger and the middle finger of the shooting hand
  • Ball is centered in the off-hand and fingers are pointing toward the ceiling
  • Shooting hand is flexed, wrist wrinkled
  • Thumbs of both hands maintain a “T” formation
  • Thumb of shooting hand points toward shooter’s ear
  • Both wrists are cocked and flexed

You are ready to spring forward when the body contracts all together in one smooth rhythmic motion. The result is a score (Wooo-hooooo!)

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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