Swing and Sit on the Basketball Court – Power and Rhythm Means Scoring

In my last post, I talked about the fundamentals of the Cocked and Flexed Shooting Position in perimeter shooting.

All the steps were there – and the demonstration video, too. The last thing I talked about was that one smooth rhythmic motion and that’s what we need to talk more about.

You really need to prefect one more thing: it’s called Swing and Sit. It’s the rhythm that is essential to develop and when you combine that with the fundamentals, it’s like magic …

Swing and Sit

It’s one fluid motion. Once you feel the rhythm, you’ll be able to feel it – or not – with every shot.

You swing and sit down then come right back up in one smooth motion. The body contracts (or you might hear ‘folds’) all together and releases together producing that one smooth rhythmic motion.

Thrust and spring with leg power

The power for the shot comes from the legs, and specifically, the knees – the bending and flexing and then the springing. I’ve written about the importance of leg power  and how amazing it is to watch players like Blake Griffin putting his knees level with other players’ foreheads. I remember powerhouses like Michael Jordan – you could actually see the muscles flex in his legs.

Combine the fundamentals of the Cocked and Flexed Shooting Position with the leg power in one smooth motion and, well, the sky is literally the limit – literally.

It’s body development, body memory and practice that will make that happen.

There’s no better place to practice the Swing and Sit and the spring than on your own home court – and all of us at the Basketball Goal Store have heard time after time that exact sentiment. In fact, people tell us that installing a Goalrilla Basketball Goal has been a positive thing for their children, for their family all together and even for the neighborhood.

Whatever questions you have, the experts here at the Basketball Goal Store can answer them – just call us at (800) 689-0281 or visit our FAQs.

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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