Perimeter Basketball Shooting Fundamentals, Part 1 – Shot Prep Position

If you want to be a scorer, concentrate on your form. When the fundamentals come automatically, your performance will improve.

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Check back often (or subscribe to our blog!) where you’ll find resources to help you learn correct form with step-by-step instructions, tips and drills – and videos that show you what we’re talking about. Our series will also provide drills to practice at home on your own Goalrilla Basketball Goal home court, (available at great prices at the Basketball Goal Store).

Start with Fundamentals of Shooting: Part 1 (Perimeter)

There are three phases of shooting:

  1. The Shot Prep Position
  2. The Cocked and Flexed Shooting Position
  3. The Release Shooting Position

Each phase of shooting requires the proper technique including the position of key body components:

  • Footwork
  • Lower body
  • Upper body
  • Head
  • Arm
  • Hand

Proper positioning and movement of the body along with proper handling of the ball will improve shooting results.

Part 1 – The Shot Prep Position

Let’s concentrate on the Shot Prep Position for perimeter shooting – from any place on the court’s perimeter.


  • Feet will always be pointed directly at the basket
  • The feet are wider than hip width apart
  • The shooting foot and the shooting hand are on the same side
  • The pivot foot is opposite the shooting foot
  • The pivot foot is in front of the shooting foot
  • The lower body is always pointed toward the basket

Lower Body Position

  • The lower body is always pointed toward the basket
  • Knees are bent

Upper Body Position

  • The upper body is turned toward the ball

Head and Eyes Position

  • Head is up, facing the player with the ball
  • Eyes are focused on the ball

Arm Position

  • Arms are extended toward the player with the ball

Hand Position

  • Hands are up and out, extended directly from the chest, signaling for the basketball

You are ready to catch that ball – and focused on what comes next. You can see it happening, can’t you? But to score, you have to be solidly balanced and in position.

You know what happens if you aren’t – you get off balance and then it’s all up for grabs. Don’t get caught – be ready – with great form!

-Pat of the Basketball Goal Store Blog Team

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