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It’s getting close to THAT time of year – you know – summer – when the kids are out of school. Are you ready for it?? Are you looking forward to: –          I’m boooorrrrrreeeeed. There’s nothing to do….  (week 2) –          Continual biinggg bonng Clunk!! of games and game systems on the TV  (weeks 3 – 4) –          I wanna —- (go to) — (rent) — (watch) — (get) — (buy) — you fill in the blank (weeks 5 – 7) The answer from most parents out there is, “No. I’m not ready. I thought this year might be different.”… Read more »

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It seems every day that you’re having to tell your kids to take the bucket off the dresser and bouncing the basketball off the walls. (One kid I know actually put a trashcan in the top drawer of a chest of drawers and used duct tape (!) to tape the drawer tight so the can would stay put …) It’s time to get the fledgling basketball star out of the house and onto a home court. But you have to be careful – there’s nothing that will squash the enthusiasm of a youngster faster than trying to make a basket… Read more »

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Kids will be kids, but boy can it be aggravating sometimes! They play practical jokes on each other. (Why do they call them practical? The jokes usually aren’t.) Case in point: I remember when a friend had her Volkswagen Beetle picked up and wedged sideways into a spot where there was no way she could drive it out. It was great fun for the jokers, but not so much for the jokee. Likewise when at my first job (fast food); the bathroom key was attached to a great big piece of 2 x 4 lumber – the idea being no… Read more »

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Basketball is one of the few sports that wheelchair-bound persons can play. In fact, the National Wheelchair Basketball Association is older than the NBA! Believe it or not.

Disabled veterans returning from WWII started the sport with the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Players were exclusively paraplegic veterans or those with spinal cord injuries. Eventually it opened

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This year’s NBA All-Star Weekend brought record prime time ratings for TNT. Nielson reports the league’s annual East vs. West game surpassed audience numbers in nearly a decade. Between 8:46 and 11:41 p.m., 9.09 million viewers turned on and tuned in to the All-Star Game. That was a 33% improvement over last year’s 6.85 million viewers.

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