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When executing the catch and shoot drill, coaches will set the Goalrilla G Trainer up at the right wing (in line with the three point line). Players will be set up at the left wing and will make their move towards the Trainer. Upon completing a couple of dribbles, players will deliver the chest pass and have their hands up and waiting (calling for the ball), while continuing their forward motion towards the trainer. Once the basketball player receives the pass, he or she will pop up for the three point jump shot to the basketball goal. It is important… Read more »

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In this basketball drill, the offensive player is going to work on head fakes and will take a single dribble to the left for the three pointer. To execute this drill correctly, the basketball player will alternate between their left and right for the three point jump shot. The offensive player will start at the left wing and the Trainer will be setup at the right wing. The player will take a couple dribbles towards the Goalrilla G Trainer and will deliver a chest pass. Once the pass is received, the player will be a few dribbles above the three… Read more »

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This basketball drill incorporates the chest pass, ball fake, and dribble/drive to the basketball hoop. It is a simple half court drill that helps the offensive player focus on all aspects of their offensive play. The basketball drill makes the player practice their ball fake, while keeping the pivot foot planted. The drill not only works the offensive skill set, but also forces the player to think quickly on their feet, which is what has to be done in game time situations. To work the drill, the Goalrilla G Trainer will be set up at one wing, level with the… Read more »

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With the Goalrilla Basketball Hoop positioned at the low post (directly below the basket), you are going to set yourself up at the wing. A bounce pass will be delivered down to the post and you will re-position (either left or right of the original start spot) to receive the pass back and pop up for the jump shot. A post or other tall item should be set up in front of you (you can set up with another player as the defender) in order to simulate live game action as you are delivering the pass down to the post… Read more »

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This basketball drill focuses on several training and timing skill sets. The Goalrilla G trainer is going to be set up at about half court and both players will start under the rim facing it. The first player will dribble towards the Goalrilla G Trainer and make a chest pass at about the free throw line. Once the pass is received back from the trainer, an immediate reverse sweep (going left or right), followed by one dribble to the mid range jump shot position will be performed. The second player should begin to execute the play once the first individual… Read more »

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In this basketball drill video, players will work on a half court setting and have the Goalrilla G trainer set up at about half court (several feet above the key). When beginning the drill, players will start off directly beneath the Goalrilla Goal facing the Goalrilla G Trainer and will dribble up towards the free throw line and will then execute a chest pass. As the pass is being made, the player will keep running towards the trainer and will receive the pass at about the three point line. Once they receive the pass, they will immediately make a reverse… Read more »

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In this basketball drill, players are going to go through a fluid, simple motion with the Goalrilla G Trainer. Setting the trainer up at the left or right end of the court, the player is going to be positioned at the opposite end and will dribble towards the trainer. Taking three to five dribbles and making the chest pass from a few feet before reaching the middle of the key, the ball will rebound off the G Trainer. The player will continually approach the trainer and catch the pass at about the middle of the key. From there, they will… Read more »

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As a coach or an individual athlete, the Goalrilla Basketball Goals are going to help you do basketball drills, whether working out in a team session, or in an individual setting. When using the Goalrilla G Trainer, players are going to be able to cut back on the time they are working on drills, and are going to be able to perform more drills properly, since they do not have to worry about any distractions when they are practicing. In this training video using Goalrilla Basketball Goals, the player will have the G Trainer set up under one basket, and… Read more »

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Female basketball players have a long list of talented women to thank for the opportunity to not only play the game, but to play it without swishing around in a floor-length dress or a cumbersome petticoat. Women started playing basketball in 1892, but their opportunity to actually embrace the game as an Olympic sport didn’t occur until the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Can you imagine how frustrating that must have been? Wanting so badly to play- yet being excluded because of your gender? Not any more. The number of girls spending hours on their home Goalrilla Basketball Goal courts is growing… Read more »

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We all know that coaching is a wonderful way to interact and leave a positive impact on children of any age. But a bad coach tramples on the self-esteem of impressionable kids while also stealing away the joy of playing the game. That isn’t what anyone wants, least of all the coach. It isn’t uncommon for us to be asked questions about coaching when parents contact the Basketball Goal Store. So here are 4 more tips to consider when taking on that role for the first time. Your kids – and everyone else – will be watching! Carefully schedule the… Read more »

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What lock out? College ball is not far away and watching the building of teams is exciting – there are so many combinations of strong players being set that strong championship contenders are not a sure slam dunk for any one team. Some graduating seniors left holes that are being filled with big shoes like Andre Drummond joining UCon. On ESPN, Coach Jim Calhoun said his team is more talented right now than last season’s. Big statement. You know that players who are making names for themselves today in college ball were kids spending hours drilling and shooting baskets –… Read more »

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It may not seem like it, but often there are connections, threads that tie people and events together. Take this for instance: James Naismith invented the game basketball in Massachsetts in 1891. Later, at the University of Kansas, he coached Phog Allen Phog Allen ended up coaching Dean Smith Dean Smith coached one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan Just like these links through the sport, people have been led there by fate; including Eddie Einhorn (who is debatably one of the architects of March Madness) and Ray Meyer. Both ended up deeply embedded in basketball… Read more »

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Way, way back in December of 1891, physical education teacher James Naismith introduced his class to two peach baskets he had nailed to the lower rail of the balcony at both ends of the gym, 13 rules for a new game, and using a soccer ball, basketball was born. It’s said Naismith wrote those 13 rules in about an hour – which is pretty unbelievable considering how long it takes the committees to make changes to the rules these days. There have been changes; the original rules did not account for dribbling – can you imagine that? Another difference: his… Read more »

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UCLA coach John Wooden coached basketball stars such as Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton. But it wasn’t just the SUPERSTARS that got his attention.

He gave every member of his teams the guidance and attention which pulled the Bruins together so they could achieve 665 victories and 10 championships!

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